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albo d'oro maratona alzheimer


Edition Marathon 30km 21km
23rd September 2012 Focchi Raffaele Bandini Simone ---
22nd September 2013 Del Priore Giuseppe Borghesi Gianluca ---
21st September 2014 Del Priore Giuseppe Curzi Denis ---
20th September 2015 Del Priore Giuseppe Sacchetti Matteo ---
18th September 2016 Del Priore Giuseppe Borghesi Gianluca ---
17th September 2017 Charfaoui Smail Agostini Michele Della Pratona Paolo


Edition Marathon 30km 21km
23rd September 2012 Del Sindaco Elide Graffiedi Samantha ---
22nd September 2013 Graffiedi Samantha Gabellini Rita ---
21st September 2014 Bolognesi Silvia Borgini Fausta ---
20th September 2015 Graffiedi Samantha Facciani Martina ---
18th September 2016 Varga Judith Facciani Martina ---

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Thanks to your donation, a young researcher will be able to dedicate himself to the study of the cerebral alterations that occur at the cellular level before Alzheimer's symptoms appear, in order to develop possible therapeutical interventions to counter the disease.

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