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A real help for Alzheimer's

Amici di Casa Insieme dedicates to people with dementia, frail or lonely old men and women and their families a lot of services and projects:

  • "Caffè Alzheimer, a place where people with Alzheimer's and their families can meet and join some sharing and amusement moments, find support and get informed through a reciprocal exchange of experiences and by confrontating themselves with professional figures, in an informal and welcoming environment, enriched by volunteers' and the elderly's presence. The project has been realising -since 2009- at Dolcini Caffè and -since June 2017- at San Piero in Bagno's Caffè Alto Savio.
  • "Convivium", an intervention based on cooking-and-sociability activities, during which participants cooperate with one another, in order to prepare meal together, in a  familiar and informal way, according to each one's abilities. the initiative takes place weekly.
  • "Laboratori RiattivaMente", "mind-awakening" meeting cycles during which cognitive-stimulation excercises, work-related and art or music therapy activities are proposed, in order to conserve participants' cognitive and relational skills and maintain a good quality of life. 
  • "Trattamenti Benessere", Joint-Reliase-method body massages dedicated to people at an advanced disease stage and to the ones that assist them, aimed at limiting behavior disorders, for example agitation and anxiety, and intended to offer them relax and wellness moments.
  • "Laboratori Benessere", prevention itineraries dedicated to at least 60-year-old independent and healthy people, intended to promote a proper lifestyle as a precious instrument to oppose dementia.

During the past years, it has been involved an ever-growing number of people: 97 in 2011, 111 in 2012, 267 in 2013 and over 300 in the very last years, up to 400 in 2017.

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Thanks to your donation, a young researcher will be able to dedicate himself to the study of the cerebral alterations that occur at the cellular level before Alzheimer's symptoms appear, in order to develop possible therapeutical interventions to counter the disease.

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