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Anziana malata di Alzheimer

Since 2001, Onlus "Amici di Casa Insieme" operates over the area sorrounding Cesena, providing people residing in their own domicile and suffering from Alzheimer's disease's needs a concrete answer, in order to have an impact on the quality of their lives, always remembering those who daily take care of them (families or external attendants). The association, through volunteers and professionists' help, regularly organises initiatives intended to offer people with Alzheimer's and the ones that attend them recognition, closeness, support, stimulation and, of course, information and amusement. Amici di Casa Insieme always arranges its activities considering, first of all, patients and helpers' necessities, limits and potentialities, valuing volunteers' work and sustaining their mission, that is to say to be responsible of the greater good and to provide help in a free and qualified way, due to a periodic education-and-training programme and thanks to the support of some professional figures, with whom volunteers use to cooperate. Moreover, Amici di Casa Insieme aims at achieving a supportive and integrating community, capable of looking after frail people, with their families, and committed to creating welcoming and authentic relationships, in order to defeat the sense of exclusion a lot of people with Alzheimer's often experiment. Furthermore, since 2013, Amici di Casa Insieme is deeply engaged in promoting prevention and, since 2015, in encouraging Alzheimer's research, with the purpuse of fighting dementia on every front. Its experience, gained throughout several years' projects, together with an established collaboration with some local institutions and online associations, makes Amici di Casa Insieme a trustworthy and dynamic organisation.

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Thanks to your donation, a young researcher will be able to dedicate himself to the study of the cerebral alterations that occur at the cellular level before Alzheimer's symptoms appear, in order to develop possible therapeutical interventions to counter the disease.

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