Fondo Alzheimer 360°

Tavolo di Lavoro Alzheimer

Maratona Alzheimer and Fondo Alzheimer 360°: safety in numbers.

Alzheimer's question cannot be approached in an individual, restricted and partial way. The extent of the issue requires our goals to be shared, that is to say an ever-more choral effort and an effective work method.

The commitment to find solutions to Alzheimer's is a race that must be run every day, all together.

The marathon - organised in collaboration with some web crowdfunding initiatives - will be run, first of all, by the supportive runners that joined the project. They will take part in several competitions all around Italy (among them Semptember's Martaona Alzheimer), wearing our colours; it represents a race toward the finish line that all of us can run, inside our associations and with the purpuse of finding new itinerary partners within the civil society and within the communication field or institutions.

Working to find Alzheimer's a solution, in order to better patients and their families' lives, means facing the issue from all points of view, combinining assistance, prevention and scientific research topics.

Fondo Alzheimer 360° has been conceived exactly with that purpuse: its main objective is to gather resources, year after year, that will be donated to the marathon promoter association and to the ones that joined the initiative, according to criteria previously established by a proper steering committee.

First steps have been successfull, now it is necessary to continue setting new goals. The aims we fixed for the second year of "Fondo" are:

  • Assistance: Amici di Casa Insieme's local activities
  • Prevention: development of an advanced wellness laboratory model, carried out by Amici di Casa Insieme and put at all fund participants' disposal.
  • Research: creation of a scolarship in favour of ONLUS "Iret Foundation", that is to say a research entity committed to neurodegenerative diseases, located in Ozzano (Bo). 

A convergence of objectives represents the main model feature. This model is obtaining great success at several levels and our current experience states as evidence that it can work.

Amici di Casa Insieme and Maratona Alzheimer are persuaded that by focussing on these goals it will be possible to go beyond the fragmentation that slowed down Alzheimer's universe, so far.


We count on a wide participation at the event, in order to face Alzheimer's in a 360° way, 365 days a year!

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Many kilometers traveled, running or walking, to support the rights of people with dementia.

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