2020' Special Edition

Maratona Alzheimer non si ferma

Even in this particular year, the Alzheimer Marathon does not stop!

In recent editions, the event has involved thousands of people, at the start, along the route and at the finish,

where a real human river has reached the Park di Levante.

All this cannot be repeated in the same way this year, the goal remains to give voice to 600,000 people with

Alzheimer's and together with you we will work to make this special edition memorable and exciting!

Many kilometers traveled, running or walking, to support the rights of people with dementia.


The proposal is to exploit technology by starting a challenge that highlights the participation of every runner

and every walker, the real protagonists of the event. Everyone will be able to connect to an APP and do as

many kilometers as possible independently, to add continuity, compared to the previous editions, to the

700,000 kilometers traveled since the first edition of 2012, they will add up to those carried out this year.

The goal will be decidedly ambitious: to all reach the milestone of 1 million kilometers together!

Everyone will be able to choose the location in which to make the route and also the mode (walking, running

or even cycling, on skates or with a scooter). To achieve the goal together, several days will be available,

from Friday 11th to Monday 21st September, World Alzheimer's Day. The important thing will be to register

and actively participate with a donation intended specifically for emergency care activities and Alzheimer's



To keep the presence alive at Parco di Levante, which has always been a meeting place, and the fulcrum of

the event with the final party of the event, a short and protected route on the Cesenatico promenade is also

proposed, to be followed by reservation with staggered departures starting from from Friday evening 11

September to Sunday 13, even at night. It will be possible to make the path both walking and running.

alzheimer fest

The collaboration with the Alzheimer Fest is confirmed, which for its fourth edition will move to Cesenatico,

with cultural interventions, in-depth study with a particular focus on the theme "The cure after the storm" to

celebrate life by bearing witness, remembering who is went to solitude and those who remained isolated in

facing an experience of pain and courage: sick, family members, operators.

Here are the words of the organizers of the Alzheimer Fest:


The healthy pleasure of moving, the rediscovery of slowness: all in Emilia Romagna alongside the friends of

the Alzheimer Marathon, the sloth or cheetah's brain and the mad desire to dive into a SEA OF ...

Friendship water art people fish anger sand life medicine books love cinema dignity indignation treats theater

justice beauty sport rest boats piadine poems operators dances tenderness cares and a lot of non-solitude ...

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Many kilometers traveled, running or walking, to support the rights of people with dementia.

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