The research programme - developed by ONLUS"Iret Foundation" for "Fondo Alzheimer 360°" and strongly supported by Amici di Casa Insieme | Maratona Alzheimer, with some other Emilia-Romagna's associations committed to dementias - will last three years.
On 7th July 2016, in Ozzano dell’Emilia - at the Veterinary School headquarters - a research programme has been presented; until the present day, it has gathered donations equal to 15.000,00 Euros, coming from
Emilia-Romagna's Alzheimer's associations (Aima Reggio Emilia, Ama Ferrara, Alzheimer Ravenna, Asdam Mirandola, Caima Cesena, La Rete Magica Forlì, G.P. Vecchi Modena), supportive runners, individuals and Amici di Casa Insieme | Maratona Alzheimer.
The total amount gathered allowed the project to start: since June 2017, a young Iret Foundation's researcher has been dedicating himselft to the study of new strategies to counter neurodegenerative diseases (above all Alzheimer's) evolution.
The study, combined with "Fondo Alzheimer 360°", is carried out in laboratory on animal models, with the purpuse of analysing diseases progress on subjects of different ages, also before cognitive symptoms appear, in order to investigate histopathological aspects that, until now, have been little explored and that may play a causal role in the disease progression.

The results of the study may be usefull in order to:

1. discover cellular and molecular alterations that affect brain long before the signs of a full-blown disease become evident;
2. explore potential therapeutical (both pharmaceutical and non) interventions time window;
3. avoid illness aggravation.
The amount of unknowns that surrounds Alzheimer's disease makes stricly necessary to continue hoping in science potential and to sustain researches on neurodegenerative processes.

The study related to "Fondo Alzheimer" proves that a lot of little associations joined for a common goal - continuing dealing with daily dementia emergencies first - can actually contribute, by sharing strenght and resources, to research progress.

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