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Objectives achieved


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Maratona Alzheimer, born in order to spread awareness about the disease among the community and to promote physical training as prevention, has come to acquire a double purpuse:

  • first of all, it is intended to support the association "Amici di Casa Insieme" (creator and promoter of the event) on Cesena's territory;
  • secondly, it should launch some more far-reaching projects involving the totality of associations committed to Alzheimer's.

Exactly for this purpuse has been conceived "Fondo Alzheimer 360°", an extended overlook turned toward future connecting all local associations at war with the disease.

Fondo Alzheimer 360°: an extended overlook turned toward future, at war with Alzheimer's “FONDO ALZHEIMER 360°” represents a really precious source of donations, both individual and collective, that aims at banding together all of the Alzheimer's-dedicated entities that are engaged in supporting assistance, prevention and scientific research.

Ozzano Emilia's  ONLUS "Iret Foundation" (Bologna) is the initiative scientific partner.

Noteworthy objectives have already been achieved:

  • subsidies for  Mirandola's Associazione Alzheimer's prefab, during heartquake years;
  • subsidies for the "GPS project", aimed at spreading locators for people who suffer from Alzheimer's;
  • purchase, in 2015, of a thermocycler for Iret Foundation's research work.
  • triennial scholarship in favour of a young researcher.
Fondi iniziative Emilia-Romagna 2012-2016

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