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Amici di Casa Insieme's commitment in offering assistance, within "Fondo Alzheimer 360°", focuses on interventions in support of people with Alzheimer's and their families, on Valle del Savio's area, that is to say a large portion of territory including Mercato Saraceno, Sarsina, Bagno di Romagna and other districts.

Those interventions consist of some already-existing projects to be carried on over time, among them Mercato Saraceno's Alzheimer's Café, Sarsina's Convivium, Sarsina's and Mercato Saraceno's "Laboratori RiattivaMente" project and, starting from June 2017, the new Bagno di Romagna's Alzheimer's Café.

The idea that lies behind the whole initiative aims at the realisation, on Valle del Savio's territory, of a welcoming and "dementia-friendly" community, in order to better people with dementia's lives and provide their families and attendants with a proper support, by creating contexts intended to defeat discomfort, exclusion and social emargination.

Bagno di Romagna's Alzheimer's Café opening, on Valle del Savio's territory, will represent 2017's most significant action, since the area does not present other services dedicated to the disease, yet. Inspired by the experience gained by Caffè Dolcini, which has been operating in Mercato Saraceno for several years, the new Café will rise in San Piero in Bagno, inside Centro Auser spaces, thanks to the collaboration with some local companies and institutions. The new Café will be a place of encounter and activities for people with memories difficulties or with dementia and for their families and attendants; it will be also opened to the elderly, both healthy or in a delicate condition. In there, some activities to keep minds active will be proposed and it will be possible to join each other's company and experiment moments of sociability, amusement and wellness.

The project is also intended to offer those taking care of people with dementia the chance of sharing daily efforts and information and confront and support each other, in order to achieve and mantain a high quality of life, despite the disease. The new Café realisation considers the presence of some ageing and dementia specialists, in addition to volunteers educated on Alzheimer's.

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