Alzheimer's disease is dramatically increasing: if 4% of the cases are due to genetic reasons, the rest 96% are due to causes that rest unknown.

There are no effective therapies available, so far; just some symptomatic treatment. As the disease seems to be multifactorial, Alzheimer's research has started investigating its risk factors.

Alzheimer's research is exploring possible interventions on the causes in order to operate during the phase in which the disease does not show its symptoms, with the purpuse of delaying the appearing of Alzheimer's symptomps and, therefore, opposing the onset and progression of the disease itself.

According to pre-clinical studies, brain cellular and molecular alterations appear long before symptoms show themselves but remain to be known molecular and cellular mechanisms on which these alterations operate and, above all, possible therapeutic interventions time window.

The core of Alzheimer's research is, thus, represented by investigations on the disease development before cognitive symtoms appear, in order to explore histopathological aspects so far little-known and hypothesize a causative role in the progression of the disease.

The research results will represent the firs step in finding out countermeasures, both pharmaceutical and non, aimed at slowing down Alzheimer's natural development.

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