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"Maratona Alzheimer" competitions are characterized by the supportive spirit moving the runners joining them!

Although these runs are fully-fledged competitions, along their routes it is possible to enjoy a festive and friendly atmosphere.

The competitions registrarion fees include a 10€ donation destined to Fondo Alzheimer 360°, for assistance, prevention and research against the disease.

Choose the competition that suits you best:

Fidal's Marathon, from Mercato Saraceno to Cesenatico,

UISP's 30-km path, from Borello to Cesenatico,

- Fidal's Half Marathon, from Cesena to Cesenatico.

Le gare


All races arrive at the Parco di Levante where all competitive athletes who regularly reach the finish line will receive the official medal.

On arrival is expected, the NON Solo Pasta Party is foreseen and for those who have not yet collected the race package it will be possible to collect it. 

 The rankings validated by the Race Judges Group will be printed and affixed from which the athletes will be able to take information regarding the awards, which will take place during the event. 

 It will be possible to access, until 16:00, to the local of the Municipal Pool of Cesenatico, where there are changing rooms and showers.

Mappa arrivo Cesenatico

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Thanks to your donation, a young researcher will be able to dedicate himself to the study of the cerebral alterations that occur at the cellular level before Alzheimer's symptoms appear, in order to develop possible therapeutical interventions to counter the disease.


Become a supportive runner

Start now your own marathon with a supportive gesture! Choose among the 42-km, the 30-km or the 21-km competitions.

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